CHAMPYA <strong>APPLICATION</strong>


  • Workout professionally
  • Beginner to advance level free classes
  • Exercise anywhere, anytime
  • Full body

    This plan helps you lose belly fat, get ripped abs and glutes, pump up your arms, and strengthen your back & shoulders. Challenge yourself with this ultimate muscle building workout to maximize muscle.


    Combined abs workout with HIIT helps you melt away extra fat quickly and make your six pack visible easily. Your body keeps burning calories in the next 24 hours of your exercise with this program( After-burn Effect )!

  • Lower body

    Get rid of lower body fat with Champya lower body exercises. This plan focuses on the muscles below the waist. Remove extra fat and get charming legs with Champya products and Champya application in the shortest time.


A good workout app is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. Champya offers a free mobile application for your ease of use, empowering you to gain access to a full body workout at home and helps you take the road from beginner to advance level, From losing fat to toning up. Your perfect home workout, created by experts, is (literally) in the palm of your hands! DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!